Stranger than Fiction

I am dedicating my blog post this week to my cat Saski, who probably used up 8 of her 9 lives and half of mine last weekend.

Saski is an indoor cat, and has been one for all of her 10 year life. Last Saturday night she got out of the house. We still don’t really know how, we just suddenly noticed she was gone and couldn’t find her anywhere when we looked for her, inside or outside of the house.

We looked for her the following morning, too. For hours. And rang the RSPCA. And animal shelters. And so on.

We made flyers to put up around the neighbourhood. And to cover all houses in a 5km radius as advised by the RSPCA.

I had an appointment on Sunday that I couldn’t get out of, so I drove the 40 minutes away from home to get there. Thinking about what else we could do to try and find Saski the whole way.

Then I parked my car – in 27 degree (Celsius) heat for 4 hours – while I dealt with stuff I had to, in the back of my mind thinking the whole time about how soon I could get home and look for Saski again. (The RSPCA advised looking up trees, especially at dawn and dusk).

Finally, I made the 40 minute trip home again.

When I got out of the car I heard meowing – it was Saski! Somewhere!

I looked around everywhere. Until I realised – to my horror – that the sound was coming from inside the bonnet of my car. I opened it and felt nauseous when I saw her inside, trapped somehow at the very front end of my car engine.

My neighbour John got her out of the car bonnet, as she was trapped inside and I couldn’t manage to get her out. And I took her to the vet to have her checked out right away.

She was fine. No physical harm at all. Not even terribly dehydrated ( I mean, she had a big drink of water, but she didn’t need a drip or anything, often used when animals are really dehydrated).

We’ve surmised that she must have been stuck inside the car bonnet the whole time. Because if she was any closer to the radiator or moving engine parts this would be an entirely different story. (Doesn’t bear thinking about for me). And if she’d gotten out of the car – a 40 minute drive away from her home – I think it’s safe to say we’d have lost her for good that way, too.

It’s nothing short of miraculous that we still have her, unharmed.

The funny thing is, last week when I was looking up links for my post 5 of My Favourite Urban Legends I came across a number of “completely bizarre but true” stories that were very interesting.. As well at this article… And I was half planning to blog on that subject this week…