Me and my blog


I live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband, my daughter, my two cats and some freeloading Blue Tongue lizard who shows up in the back garden for a feed whenever the party’s over everywhere else.

When our daughter Zali was born, my husband Nick and I had a star named after her, and joked about telling her stories of all the creatures living on the planets around her star. Somehow the joke wound up on me because I’m now writing and illustrating a children’s book series called “Tales from the Zali Bukola System“, with two books finished so far.

Before that I wrote and directed an independent feature film called “Playing with Piranhas“.

And wrote some showreel scenes for the graduating drama students at the University of Southern Queensland.

And wrote a feature length mockumentary screenplay about a zombie pest control company called “Zombkil Inc”.

And wrote lots of other stuff. Because I really like writing.

And reading. And watching films. And making them. And all different forms of art. And mythology. And science, especially biology. Especially anything to do with evolution. Especially human evolution…

I think our planet and most of its occupants are absolutely fascinating… which is why I’m currently working on a whole book series about entirely differently ones which I’ve made up…

Actually, you know what – I have an author profile on Goodreads. Maybe you should read that instead. (I seriously thought about just pasting it here but at the time that seemed lazy. And I wanted to try and make a good impression).


My blog is not really active anymore, so it’s kind of here for posterity. It was something I started on a bit of a whim, without a very clearly defined vision. And as much as I enjoyed working on it while I did, I ultimately decided that I needed to put more focus into some other projects, which, unfortunately, came at the expense of time spent working on the blog.

A resurrection is not out of the question, but not on the cards at present.